Haraldur Karlsson is a visual artist working on installation art, performances, workshops, curating, festival organiser and cultural consulting. 

Haraldur has been working with the video medium for a long time and is experimenting with the possibilities of the artistic use of its growing parameters. Always curious about new technology implementation to his long-term projects and aplication collaborates with a number of experts in interdisciplinary areas. Karlsson usually presents his own video work through an interactive art installation or performance at an exhibition or in a public space, which for him becomes a place of critical reflection on the development and growth of contemporary society. Recently, the author's interest is medical records of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), showing the internal biological organs of the body, but also data from astronomy or mathematical formulas of natural phenomena. The author transforms exact and technical data through digital technologies into a poetic statement with a distinctive choreography revealing their hidden aesthetic quality.

Haraldur Karlsson (b. 1967,Reykjavik) lives and works in Norway and is specialised in experimental video art for the nearly 30 years. He holds a diploma in fine arts Mixed Media from the Icelandic art school in Reykjavik and a bachelor's degree in fine arts media art from AKI (Academy of Fine Arts) Enchede, in the Netherlands. He 

studied multidisciplinary Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Between 1999 and 2009, Karlsson worked at the Icelandic Academy of Fine Arts as head of fine arts digital Media Lab. Karlsson is currently based in Oslo. He has had a number of exhibitions, performances, workshops and lectures both in Norway and abroad.

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